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eFibre for Kilmacanogue- not in 2014?

As many readers of this site know, we have been following the broadband rollout in Kilmacanogue for many years. We eventually received “next generation” broadband in 2012, and although slow to roll out, it was a welcome change to the terrible speeds (or no speed) which we had suffered up to then.

In 2013 eircom had scheduled Kilmacanogue on their eFibre map, but this seems to have been removed some time at the start of 2014. It originally stated that the Kilmacanogue exchange would received eFibre at the start of 2014, which gave us great hope that after the last debacle, the eFibre rollout would keep up with other parts of Dublin and Wicklow. But today, if you look at the eFibre map, there is a noticeable gap, and no stated date for Kilmacanogue:


We have contacted eircom to see if they can explain why the gap has emerged, and what the future plans are. We will update you if we get any news on the future rollout for the area.
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