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Our favourite iPad apps

Here is a quick list of iPad applications which we are using and like. Almost all are free and they can be downloaded using the App Store application on the iPad.

IPad apps for Ireland and the UK

Some of the best free apps:
- iBooks- to download books from the Apple store- lots of classic book are free
- Kindle- Amazon’s version of iBooks but access to the Amazon book store. This let’s you sync your books between your Mac and your iPad or iPhone using their Whisper Sync.
- Epicuruous- iPad version of recipes app
- Twitterific- best app for using with Twitter
- Pocket Pond- fun app- just try it!
- Planets- beautiful graphics showing the planets and stars
- Adobe Ideas- a drawing app
- Pages- Apple's word processor app for letters and documents (costs a few euro)
- IMDB app- for movie info
- Wikipanion- good Wikipedia app
- Dictionary- good online dictionary
- BBC News- news app
- Skygrid- good news app, which takes RSS feeds and gathers the stories together
- Guardian Eyewitness- photography journalism app
- AIM for iChat on the iPad (text only)
- Pulse News- perhaps the best new reader app (costs a few euro)
- iDisk- app to access your iDisk storage, and the new version is ready for the iPad and not just the iPhone

Here are a few iPhone apps, which are not designed for the iPad, but they work fine on it:
- Skype- for using Skype on wireless broadband
- FStream- to listen to Irish radio when abroad using broadband
- RTE Radio News and RTE Radio 1 (as above, but just RTE content)
- Gallery- app for your MobileMe photos
- Irish weather- does what it claims!
- EirText- send free text messages
- Contact by #- search for a contact by their number, rather than by their name
- Remote- control your iTunes using the iPad or iPhone
- Sky+- if you have Sky + box at home, this app allows you to record a program from anywhere when you are online- it sends signal back to your Sky+ box at home. You do need a Sky website login and password for this to work.

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