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Apple replaces iBook range with new MacBooks...

All Apple laptops now powered by Intel...

On Tuesday 16th May 2006 Apple released the MacBook, a new consumer-level portable Mac. At MacWorld in January 2006 Apple launched the MacBook Pro, and today's laptops mean that every Apple portable is now powered by Intel chips. Like its older brother, the MacBook is powered by Intel Due Core processors.
The most unusual feature in the new range is the inclusion of a black MacBook. In the late 90s Apple released the iBook in a blue and an orange colour design, but in recent years all iBooks were white, with PowerBooks using the titanium/aluminium silver. The new black MacBook is the top of the range model, and includes a larger hard drive than the other versions (80GB compared to 60GB on the two white MacBooks).
All of the new MacBooks come with a 13" display, offering much brighter images than their predecessor. The resolution has also changed, up to 1280 x 800. They come with the new MagSafe power adapter, a Combo drive (DVD reading and CD reading/burning) or SuperDrive (DVD and CD reading and burning), and either a 1.83 or 2.0GHz processor. The integrated iSight camera, as previous seen on iMacs and MacBook Pros, is also included, as is a Front Row remote control.
Further details are available on Apple's website, or from the Apple Store for Ireland.
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