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iRobot- every house should have one

We have been having great fun with our new toy- the iRobot Roomba. It is an electronic vacuum cleaner (a “Hoover” for us old-timers). iRobot make a range of vacuum cleaning robots which are programmable and allow you to set this little device off during the day to do your work for you.

We picked up a second hand version on eBay, the iRobot Roomba 560, and find it to be a great member of the home. It sits connected to its docking station, until it heads off at a pre-programmed time each day around the house. Click here for a small video of the iRobot Roomba 560 in action:
The scheduler allows you to choose a time each day, and it will run for about one hour before it returns to its docking station and recharges itself. We have found it cleans well, dealing with dog hairs and general household dust. Once or twice it has got stuck behind a chair and needed rescuing, but you soon learn to make a few very minor adjustments to the layout of your furniture and the iRobot will work perfectly.

It needs to be cleaned after each use, but this takes about 30 seconds to remove the drawer, and empty into the bin. It works its way around a normal home quite easily, moving from room to room, along the edges and across the main part of the floor.

We would certainly recommend a model with the scheduling feature as it will then clean your home when you are out and return to its docking station to recharge. Not a necessity but we find it a great added gadget for home!.