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New laptops near from Apple

As we head towards the summer, it is likely that Apple will revamp its range of laptops, with new MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs. Although we never like to speculate on Apple’s next move, it does seem likely that the MacBook Air will be more influential on the new ranges than the MacBook Pros.


It is likely that Apple will look to the thin, optical drive-free laptops as the template for portable computing, The MacBook Pros have been great laptops, but as any owner will tell you, the Pros are heavy and bulky, whereas the Airs are a delight to carry around.

Our own experience has told us that we use the optical on our Office iMac rarely, and we almost never use the SuperDrive on our MacBook Pro. Also the speed bump offered by SSD drives is hard to ignore. The old style hard disks feel sluggish by comparison and so if the capacity gap can be narrowed, it looks likely that Apple will opt for SSD as standard.

Add to this the likelihood that Apple will use new Retina displays, matching moves on the iPhone and the iPad. This would make graphics and video gorgeous to view on these displays, and combined with new Intel chips, make them very compelling purchases for the rest of 2012.