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Presswatch: Oh Irish Times…

the iPhone 5 is a failure at its heart. This is about pride, reputation and loyalty, not just money. The magic is over.
Rosa Chun, Irish Times, Friday 12th October.


Today’s opinion piece in the Irish Times seems to get away with a lot; a lot of mistakes in fact and a lot of wide of the mark opinion. We get the idea that opinion pieces tend to be less accurate than news reporting, but really Irish Times, how did you let this one slip through? And from someone who is a “professor of global leadership, reputation and responsibility [sic] at UCD Smurfit School of Business”?

The article begins by tipping its hat to the success of initial iPhone sales, at two million in the first 24 hours. This is disingenuous in itself, as Apple released a press statement nearly three weeks ago stating that it had sold 5 million iPhone 5 handsets in the first weekend, even higher than the figure given by Rosa Chun. But of course tis does not help the bias of her article….

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