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iPhone 5 Launches in Ireland

The new iPhone arrives in Ireland today, although don’t expect to walk into a store to pick one up. Supply will be very limited for the first few weeks, so here is our advice on where to purchase:

1/ start with your carrier- talk to Vodafone, O2 or 3 or whichever provider you are with, and check to see if you are entitled to an upgrade. It will generally have to have been 18-24 months since your last new phone. For example, if you are only 6 months into your current contract, you are unlikely to receive a new phone at the fully subsidised price.

2/ think of other carriers- if you find that you are at the end of your current contract, consider moving. If you have a good signal in your area from most of the providers, shop around. New customers may get a good deal by switching to a new carrier.

3/ buy from Apple [click here for details]- well maybe not. Problem is that an unlocked and unsubsidised iPhone 5 will cost you far more than a phone subsidised as part of a contract. The cheapest iPhone 5 is €679 euro (16GB), rising to €789 (32GB) or €899 (64GB). These things are mini-computers, so expect to pay good money for them as stand-alone products.

Here are a few contact numbers to help you start your search:
Vodafone- 1907
O2- 1909
3- 1800 949 546
eMobile- 1800 283 091

You may also consider getting the iPhone 4S, especially if you are still using an older iPhone which is no longer supported with software updates. The 4S can run the new iOS 6 software and will now be reduced in price. We expect the carriers to offer some free iPhone 4S packages due to the iPhone 5 launch.


iPhone 5 arrives this week

The new iPhone 5 is to be launched this Friday in Ireland. Looking at the carriers’ websites you would wonder if it is launching at all! O2 do not have any mention of the new phone on their homepage. Vodafone and eMobile have a “coming soon” notice, but no details of pricing and availability.

“3” have the best information, with a page dedicated to the iPhone 5 and details of plans and phone costs:
They will sell the iPhone 5 on prepay for €659, whereas the bill-pay price plans have various costs, such as €40.66 per month and the iPhone for €319, or €60.99 per month and the phone for €269 (both prices based on 18 month contract).


As in the past, it looks likely that the iPhone 5 will cost between €200-300 euro on an 24 month contact, based on a €50-60 per month tariff. Apple’s website does not list prices yet, such as unlocked handsets, which are likely to be available from the Irish Apple Store:

The number of handsets available on Friday is likely to be small due to the worldwide demand. Apple are launching the iPhone 5 in 21 other counties on Friday, and so the chances of getting a phone on the day may be slim!.