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New iMacs: faster speeds, similar price

Although not an earth-shattering change, Apple updated its range of desktop iMacs this week, and gave the new range faster processors. Prices remain almost the same to the last generation and screen sizes have not changed.
All models come with a generous 8GB of RAM memory and a 1TB hard disk. All iMacs can be customised, with the option to add a Fusion drive, which is part hard disk and part flash storage. This makes the iMac much faster as it automatically frequently used tiles on the faster flash drive. Replacing the 1TB hard drive with a 1TB Fusion drive costs an extra €200 or £160. Doubling the RAM to 16GB also costs €200 (£160).

The ports on the back of the iMac remain the same: SDXC card slot, four USB 3 ports (compatible with USB 2), two Thunderbolt ports, a Mini DisplayPort and an Ethernet port.

Overall this update is relatively minor, but if you have been waiting to purchase a new Mac desktop you will get more speed for your money.

To see the full details, check out the online stores at Apple Ireland or Apple UK.

Just to note- there is also a VESA Mountable version of the iMac available at this link..

Apple launch new thin iMacs, new 13' MacBook Pro

Today Apple launched a new iMac design, with the thinest shape to date. The screens come with a new anti-glare coating, and Apple says the new iMac has 40% less volume than the previous model, and uses 50% less power.
All models come with an Intel i5 processor and a 1TB hard disk, and Apple offer a new Fusion Drive. This gives part Flash storage and part hard disk technology. The iMac stores frequently used applications and files on the faster Flash section and less frequently used material on the hard disk. This seems like an innovative approach to storage and, along with the new processors, will make a difference in speed to the iMac, as MacBook Air and MacBook Pro users will tell you.

Speaking of laptops, Apple also released the new 13” MacBook Pro with Retina Display, joining the 15” models launched during the summer. It is 0.75 inches thick and only 1.6kg in weight. Thunderbolt ports have replaced FireWire on both the MacBooks and the iMac, although you can buy a Thunderbolt adapter to connect FireWire 800 devices such as older backup drives.

The new MacBook Pro 13” can be customise with 256GB, 512GB, or 768GB of flash storage. However its main feature is the beautiful Retina Display, which is great for photo and video as you cannot see the pixels due to such high quality pixels and colour. These are the future for Apple laptops and the new 13” model means there is now a full range of Retina Display models. However they do come at a price, with the Retina Display models costing significantly more than the ordinary MacBook Pro range.

For full details from Apple, click here for the Ireland site and here for the UK site..