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Update: Broadband on Kilmacanogue Exchange

Afters years of delays, eircom have stated that the Kilmacanogue exchange in Co. Wicklow is finally being upgraded for broadband. In recent years customers in this area, including ourselves, had to rely on slow broadband connections from the Bray exchange. However work has now begun on the transition so that Kilmacanogue and its surrounding area should be provided with higher broadband speeds, once the lines in the area are connected to the newly upgraded exchange.
When we requested a statement form eircom, they said:
The first work is due to commence in April and the Bray/Kilmacanogue work is due to commence at that time. The provisional completion date is end of June 2012. As the work begins, a more firm timetable will emerge but hopefully this means there is some end in sight. We will not know what broadband speeds you will get until the line is moved, but hopefully the work will deliver an improved service, regardless of provider.

We will keep you up to date on any changes, but the most recent roadblock, which was a dispute with Comreg over how the transition should be organised, appears to be resolved, and work can now begin..

Ways to escape Eircom

It will come of little surprise to anyone who reads the news on this website that we encourage clients to use companies other than Eircom. Their shoddy service has caused frustration and lost business to many of our clients, and their customer service is one of the worst we have experienced in Ireland.

Our own business has been damaged by them over the last few years with a rogue salesman who tried to sell us a broadband package which did not exist, and with slow speed broadband being available on our lines. So what do you do to escape these guys?

We recommend two levels of change. Firstly, you could consider a new provider for your phone line and internet. Vodafone strike us as having a slightly weak service, but we currently use them for phone and internet. Their customer service is generally good, although they are still tied to Eircom. Any faults and repairs need to be handled by Eircom engineers, and if you get a man/woman who is working by the book, they may not help you as they will not work on anything inside your house. However we have been happy with Vodafone's service, even if the speed of our internet depends on Eircom's network.



Eircom fail to meet their own deadline for broadband

Once again Eircom have failed to meet their own deadline for installing broadband in the Kilmacanogue area. According to their own website, Eircom had promised the installation of broadband in the region by the end of 2009. This was on top of an original promise that broadband would be in place by the end of October 2009 (first reported here).
Eircom Broadband
We have tried to contact Eircom PR on a number of occasions but they have not responded. All of this does little to help individuals and small businesses in the area who need broadband to carry on their businesses or residents who wish to have broadband for home use.

We will continue to try to get information from Eircom and keep you updated..

Eircom broadband in Kilmacanogue- update

We reported on the state of play with broadband in Kilmacanogue on a number of occasions this year. The latest situation appears to be that the lines have been installed, and work is ongoing. However Eircom's originally stated date of the end of October has passed, and it appears that the date has slipped yet again.


Broadband in Kilmacanogue- update

Following on from our original story on the rollout of broadband to Kilmacanogue in Co. Wicklow, eircom have confirmed that this is still on schedule for October 2009. .

Caveat Emptor: the BT tale...

Part 2: Our second experience was with BT Ireland. .

Caveat Emptor: the Eircom tale...

Part 1: We reported in May about experiences we had with Eircom and BT. We thought we would share a bit more of what happened now that both cases have been settled.

Broadband in Kilmacanogue

We have been following closely the availability of broadband in Kilmacanogue in Co. Wicklow. We are located in the area, and when we moved here we were dismayed to learn that this exchange still had not been upgraded to broadband. As an area alongside the N11 and with all surrounding exchanges already enabled, it was bizarre to see that Kilmacanogue was still left out in the cold. At present, some residents can get low speeds, as the Bray exchange has been enabled and some lines are close enough to this exchange to receive broadband..

Dealing with broadband providers in Ireland

We have advised on this area before on Mac Information, but it is well worth repeating- if you deal with Eircom or BT Ireland or any internet provider, write down all details of your discussions with them.