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Update on AppleCare warranty in Ireland

We reported a few years ago about AppleCare in Ireland and the level of coverage offered to customers. This issue came to the forefront again recently with the Seagate hard drive replacement program, which Apple announced for iMacs.
In the past Irish customers had two options:
1/ taking a Mac to an authorised Apple repair agent, where the repair would be completed under warranty
2/ Apple would send a courier to collect the Mac and the repair will be done off-site, and then returned by courier to the customer

However following our request to Apple this week, the policy has changed. At present the two options are as follows:
1/ the customer can still take the Mac to an Apple authorised agent for repair, such as Compu b or Mactivate
2/ you can request for an on-site assessment where the Mac may be examined at or collected from your home or place of business. Depending on the work required, the Mac is likely then to be taken away for repair and then returned to you afterwards

We would encourage all AppleCare holders to make sure that both of these options are offered to them if they call Apple support line: 1850946191. These options should also be available to all people involved in the Seagate hard drive replacement program, irrespective of their iMac’s warranty coverage.

Do let us know if you have any difficulties in receiving these two options when you call Apple.

Updated 7/11/12: correction of on-site service details

Special Report: AppleCare in Ireland

In the past we have reported on AppleCare in Ireland, and our concerns over the availability of the service options to all Apple owners. We covered this in 2006, and 2007, and have been following the policy for customers in the Republic on an ongoing basis, for ourselves and for our clients.
AppleCare in Ireland