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Broadband in Kilmacanogue- update

We have been reporting on the broadband situation in Kilmacanogue, Co. Wicklow for a few years now, with the long delays in upgrading the local exchange and providing decent internet speeds to users in the area. In the last month things seem to have improved. Our own business is now on 12-13mbps, which is about four times faster than the previous maximum.

Eircom say that switching customers over is happening on an on-going basis, and that many have already seen the improvements. We have spoken to many clients in the area and the views on this is a bit more mixed. Some have seen improvements, but others are still waiting for their turn.

If you do wish to enquire about your speed, you should start with your provider- eircom, Vodafone, etc. They should be able to find out from eircom network engineers what the situation is and when they expect to move you to the higher rates. Those people living a few kilometres away from the exchange may not see an improvement, but for those in the greater Kilmacanogue area, speeds should be increased already or soon. Keep the pressure on by calling your provider. If you are with a third party such as Vodafone, make sure they look into this in detail and provide you with an accurate assessment of what is happening.
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