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Broadband in Kilmacanogue

Broadband delayed for Kilmacanogue exchange

We have been following closely the availability of broadband in Kilmacanogue in Co. Wicklow. We are located in the area, and when we moved here we were dismayed to learn that this exchange still had not been upgraded to broadband. As an area alongside the N11 and with all surrounding exchanges already enabled, it was bizarre to see that Kilmacanogue was still left out in the cold. At present, some residents can get low speeds, as the Bray exchange has been enabled and some lines are close enough to this exchange to receive broadband.

We contacted the Press Officer at Eircom last week to enquire about the situation. Initially we had been told that broadband would arrive in the early part of 2009, and more recently this was to be in June or July. However the current date is now some time between September and November this year. The reason for this delay is unclear. Eircom state standard reasons such as complexity of the installation. The full statement reads:

"Our current broadband rollout timetable indicates that the Kilmacanogue
exchange will now be broadband enabled in the period September -
November. I do appreciate that this timescale may be a cause of
frustration for yourself and some of the residents of the area.  While
work has commenced on the upgrade it is a complex process. Enabling an
exchange involves multiple processes including network upgrades,
installation of DSL equipment, possible systems upgrades and a testing
phase. All of these phases must be co-ordinated and completed before an
exchange is ready to be enabled. "

As many other parts of the country are aware, the lack of a good broadband service can cause major damage to business and frustration to customers. Eircom's excuses simply don't add up. Their own website shows that most of the other surrounding areas have already been enabled, and quite why it takes so long for Kilmacaongue to be placed online is unclear.

Eircom also state that they have no plans to enable some exchanges such as Coolkenno, Colbinstown, Glencree, Redcross and Valleymount. It is quite inexplicable in 2009 as to why every exchange in Ireland cannot access what is a standard public service.

Simon Spence/2009

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