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Kilmacanogue broadband- the end in sight?

After nearly four years of broken promises, eircom appear to be about to enable full broadband on the Kilmacanogue exchange in Co. Wicklow. This has affected our business as we are located in the area, and we have been in touch with eircom on a regular basis to track progress.

Finally this week we have been told that the upgrade is complete, and the lines will begin to be cut over later this month. People living in the area should then notice an increase in speed, as the broadband signal will come directly from Kilmacanogue, and not be passed from Bray. In the past, the signal from the Bray exchange was too weak, meaning that the speeds received in Kilmacanogue were poor, mostly around the 1-2mbps mark.

The changeover should take affect for all users, whether with eircom or not. We have spoken to out provider, Vodafone, and they have confirmed their intention to begin to cut clients over to the new exchange this month.

This should come as a huge relief to businesses and customers in the area, who struggled with broadband services for long, and were unable to use services with high download or upload requirements.
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