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One year on, iPad apps we still use...

Having used an iPad for over a year now, and having recently upgraded to an iPad 2, here is a list of the apps we still use. We have also listed some apps which dropped out of favour.

Apps used daily:

1/ Twitter: the official app from Twitter. We slowly moved across to this instead of Twitterific, and we aren’t entirely sure why! The sliding panes of Twitter app may not be to everyone’s liking, and Twitterific does have a classier design. However you can only add one account to the free version of Twitterific, and in the end we weren’t drawn to Twitterific enough to buy a copy of the pro version. The Twitter app works fine for us.
On the iPhone we use Tweetbot, which we did feel was worth the few euro, but there is no iPad version of this (yet), and until this arrives, Twitter app serves our requirements.

2/ AIM: until Apple give us a real iChat app, AIM will have to do. The app is passable- nothing special, but does the job for text conversations. Just a missed opportunity here- why no audio at the very least, and now with the cameras on the new iPad, why no video?

3/ Screens: probably the most expensive iPad app we have paid for to date, but very very useful. This app allows you to connect to your Mac and control its screen. Very handy to check an email on our office Mac, or check the progress of a file exporting or rendering on our production Mac.

4/ Dropbox: we have slowly become a real fan of Dropbox. The iPad and iPhone apps are clean and simple to use- no fuss. It is a great way to make files available on all of our Macs, iPhone and iPads, and combined with Pages, we can work on the road, editing documents and sending PDFs to clients.

5/ Flipboard: this would not be our first choice for news in the morning, but Flipboard is a great way to gather snippets of info together, and we like its use of visuals. It is a great app to browse through, combining Twitter, news articles and photos.

6/ Remote: works great with our Apple TV and other Macs. We would chose to browse our iTunes collection on the Apple TV using the iPad as there is much more room to see our music and films. Just a handy, simple app to use.

iPhone apps, why no iPad version?
Here are a few gaps in our collection, and we want to know why!!

1/ A decent LinkedIn app- the iPhone version runs on the iPad, but we would like to see a full iPad version.
2/ Skype- we frequently use the iPad for Skype calls, but again object to the blocky pixelated iPhone app on our beautiful iPad 2! Now that the iPad has video cameras, we hope that the wait for a full iPad native Skype app is short.

Apps we intend to try:
A few apps we just haven’t had time to try...

1/ iMovie for iPad: this looks great and we love the idea of making the most of the video camera
2/ GarageBand- ok we can’t sing and can’tplay guitar, but this is a very innovate app and worth trying.

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