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Find My iPhone- essential kit for all iOS devices

If there is one feature you enable on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, make sure it is the “Find My iPhone” feature from Apple.

Find My iPhone

We mention this because a client had an iPhone and iPad stolen last week. We managed to track its whereabouts to the location in Dublin, and then directed the Gardai to the exact spot. We talked the Garda to the exact garden hedge where the iPad was abandoned, and when they were close, we triggered a sound on the iPad so they could pin point where it was thrown. The iPhone seems to have been destroyed along the way, but the iPad was retuned, unharmed, to its owner.

It was a valuable lesson in how useful this feature is- it’s free, it works, and it helped to return this €500 worth of equipment to its grateful owner.

To set up Find My iPhone, check out the steps on the Apple website:

Once this feature is enabled, you can track your device using this page:

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