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How Compu b got it right

The new Compu b store on Grafton Street in Dublin is a shining example of how a retailer can display and sell Apple products. As readers of this site will know, we had been following the opening closely, and in our opinion Compu b have got it right where many other retailers in Dublin failed.

As long time Mac watchers, we remember the “Apple” store on Kildare Street, and even the old Compu b store on the Long Mile road in the early 90s. In recent times we have seen the O2 Experience store on Grafton Street, the 3G stores and most recently, Spectra Photo which was located near the new Compub store. Each of the recent examples took steps to make Apple products available to a wider audience, and yet they held back on stocking a good range of accessories, or having staff who were well versed in the Mac products and repairs.

2009 saw the introduction of the store within a store model with Apple introducing Macintosh areas in three PC World outlets. Whilst we welcomed this new venture, it showed up all of the flaws of the Mac being displayed within generic computer stores. This model is seriously outdated and was even withdrawn in the US in the last decade when the store within a store model at CompUSA was discontinued. We certainly welcome having more retail positions for Apple in Ireland, but the jarring contrast between brand values of PC World and the Apple store in a store is something we do not welcome. Placing a quality lifestyle brand in a functional discount environment does nothing to enhance the Apple.

This is where Compu b got it right. The Grafton Street store is large, superbly stocked and contains a range of services not seen in Dublin in recent times. The ability for us to send clients into the store for hardware repairs is a major plus to our business. It is currently the only genuinely customer focused Apple outlet in Dublin. The layout of the store, its design, its location, and the breadth of its stock, matches the model laid out by Apple retail stores around the world..

We wish Compu b well and hope to see them thrive in the coming years. Who knows what plans Apple have for opening their own retail stores in Ireland in the future, but Compu b have set very high mark, something we hope is welcomed by all Apple customers in the city.

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