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eFibre for Kilmacanogue- not in 2014?

As many readers of this site know, we have been following the broadband rollout in Kilmacanogue for many years. We eventually received “next generation” broadband in 2012, and although slow to roll out, it was a welcome change to the terrible speeds (or no speed) which we had suffered up to then.

In 2013 eircom had scheduled Kilmacanogue on their eFibre map, but this seems to have been removed some time at the start of 2014. It originally stated that the Kilmacanogue exchange would received eFibre at the start of 2014, which gave us great hope that after the last debacle, the eFibre rollout would keep up with other parts of Dublin and Wicklow. But today, if you look at the eFibre map, there is a noticeable gap, and no stated date for Kilmacanogue:


We have contacted eircom to see if they can explain why the gap has emerged, and what the future plans are. We will update you if we get any news on the future rollout for the area. .

Broadband in Kilmacanogue- update

We have been reporting on the broadband situation in Kilmacanogue, Co. Wicklow for a few years now, with the long delays in upgrading the local exchange and providing decent internet speeds to users in the area. In the last month things seem to have improved. Our own business is now on 12-13mbps, which is about four times faster than the previous maximum.

Eircom say that switching customers over is happening on an on-going basis, and that many have already seen the improvements. We have spoken to many clients in the area and the views on this is a bit more mixed. Some have seen improvements, but others are still waiting for their turn.

If you do wish to enquire about your speed, you should start with your provider- eircom, Vodafone, etc. They should be able to find out from eircom network engineers what the situation is and when they expect to move you to the higher rates. Those people living a few kilometres away from the exchange may not see an improvement, but for those in the greater Kilmacanogue area, speeds should be increased already or soon. Keep the pressure on by calling your provider. If you are with a third party such as Vodafone, make sure they look into this in detail and provide you with an accurate assessment of what is happening. .

Kilmacanogue broadband- the end in sight?

After nearly four years of broken promises, eircom appear to be about to enable full broadband on the Kilmacanogue exchange in Co. Wicklow. This has affected our business as we are located in the area, and we have been in touch with eircom on a regular basis to track progress.

Finally this week we have been told that the upgrade is complete, and the lines will begin to be cut over later this month. People living in the area should then notice an increase in speed, as the broadband signal will come directly from Kilmacanogue, and not be passed from Bray. In the past, the signal from the Bray exchange was too weak, meaning that the speeds received in Kilmacanogue were poor, mostly around the 1-2mbps mark.

The changeover should take affect for all users, whether with eircom or not. We have spoken to out provider, Vodafone, and they have confirmed their intention to begin to cut clients over to the new exchange this month.

This should come as a huge relief to businesses and customers in the area, who struggled with broadband services for long, and were unable to use services with high download or upload requirements.

Update: Broadband on Kilmacanogue Exchange

Afters years of delays, eircom have stated that the Kilmacanogue exchange in Co. Wicklow is finally being upgraded for broadband. In recent years customers in this area, including ourselves, had to rely on slow broadband connections from the Bray exchange. However work has now begun on the transition so that Kilmacanogue and its surrounding area should be provided with higher broadband speeds, once the lines in the area are connected to the newly upgraded exchange.
When we requested a statement form eircom, they said:
The first work is due to commence in April and the Bray/Kilmacanogue work is due to commence at that time. The provisional completion date is end of June 2012. As the work begins, a more firm timetable will emerge but hopefully this means there is some end in sight. We will not know what broadband speeds you will get until the line is moved, but hopefully the work will deliver an improved service, regardless of provider.

We will keep you up to date on any changes, but the most recent roadblock, which was a dispute with Comreg over how the transition should be organised, appears to be resolved, and work can now begin..