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New Airport Express- shelf buddy

We were a bit sceptical at first about the new Airport Express as its shape and size seems a bit, well, conventional! But from a practical point of view it does work, and possibly better than the old version. The old Express was useful as it was part of the plug, making it easy to hang from the socket. But this had problems, especially when you positioned it behind furniture as it pushed the unit out from the wall.

Pasted Graphic

We find that the shape of the new Express makes it easier to position on a shelf or under furniture, and so is less conspicuous. Sure, it has the extra ethernet port and the spec is better, but it is the new shape and size which may be of most use.

[link to Macworld review].

Guest access for new Airports

One of the neatest developments this week was the introduction of guest access on the new Airport Extreme and Time Capsules. Up to now, if you had guests staying you would have to give them your password to allow them to go online on your wireless network. This was all very well, but given that most people use the same password for almost all logins, this could mean revealing a bit more than you wished to a guest. Sometimes passwords chosen are personal reflections of the person's likes and dislikes, and revealing a password is like being asked for an intimate secret!.