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Apple Results: The Headlines

Apple released their Q3 results last night, and here are some of the things which caught our eye:

  • Best revenue in Apple's history for non-holiday quarter [note- Christmas quarter is always boosts sales over rest of year].
  • $8.34 billion in revenue
  • $1.23 billion in profit
  • 2.6 million Macs sold this quarter
  • 4% growth in Mac sales, with 3% decline in industry sales
  • iPod touch sales grew 130% over last year
  • Apple still hold over 70% share of MP3 player market
  • 5.2 million iPhone handsets sold this quarter
  • 1.5 billion AppStore applications downloaded so far
  • 8 billion iTunes Store songs downloaded to date
  • 36 million visitors to Apple Stores this quarter
  • 25 new stores during 2009
  • Apple gross margin was 36.3%
  • Apple now hold $31.1 billion in cash and short term investments
  • 65,000 apps available from App Store- Nokia and RIM have 1000-2000 in their stores, and Android has 5,000

For more details, see our Apple Financials page for full details.

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