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Apple Press Event on 9th September: What to Expect

Apple announced their 9th September press event last week and there has been much speculation on what will be announced. Here is a rundown of what we expect to see:


- the one certainty is the iPhone 6: Apple have released new iPhones in the Autumn for a few years now, mostly as they need to rollout them out to all countries before the busy Christmas buying season.
- screen size: the rumours of a larger screen version seem to make sense, but not for all models. There is likely to be a top-end, larger screen version, but also a version with the same screen size as the 5s and 5c. Screen size is a personal choice, and not everyone will like the larger screen. But it does seem like the iPhone range has matured enough to introduce various models, as Apple did with the iPod in the 00s. Back then, there was just the click wheel iPod, until Apple broke out the models to introduce the mini, then nano and shuffle, followed by the iPod touch. As the iPhone matures there is likely to be this type of break-up of the range, and not just a choice of storage sizes and colours.
- iOS 8 is almost certain to be discussed too, with a launch date announced. It will be introduced with the new iPhones and will come installed on the new models. We expect iOS 8 to be a free download to current iPhone and iPad owners before the end of September. We think it is unlikely to be available on the 9th September. It is more likely to ship at the same time as the phones, possibly two weeks after the press event.
- we still think that there will be two “new” ranges of iPhone, matching this year’s 5s and 5c ranges. Although the 5c does not get as much publicity as the 5s, we still think it has been a success for Apple. Plus we have seen more and more 5c models around, possibly as it has taken a bit longer to filter through to consumers.
- we don’t expect to see OS X Yosemite released next week, and it may not be mentioned at the event. This press event is likely to focus on iOS 8, the iPhone and possibly iPods. It is not a Mac event.
- speaking of iPods, this is a crucial landmark for them. If there is no mention of the range, and if no other iPod announcements before Christmas, then we can say that the iPod range is no longer a focus for Apple. At one time iPods were one of the major product lines, but with the iPhone and possibly a wrist based device, its place it in doubt.
- speaking of wrist gadgets- this is the one to watch. If Apple announces a wrist (watch is the wrong word) device, this for us sits on the iPod’s patch Imagine a wrist device with Bluetooth headset; this becomes the new high end iPod. We don’t expect the iPod range to disappear any time soon- Apple have even been slow killing off the click wheel iPod, but we do think it will continue to slip down the pecking order and simply be maintained.
- Apple also knows how to spread announcements out, so we don’t think that iPads will be launched next week. New iPhones and a wrist device is enough for one day. But we do expect iPads before Christmas, possibly at a second event in October.
- we also expect bumps for the MacBook Airs soon (and Mac minis!), but this is not a Mac event.
- Apple TV: This is a slow burner for Apple as they have focussed on content over the last few years, and the hardware has only received two revisions since its launch in 2007 (2010, 2012). We hope to see a new version, and it would fit nicely into the Christmas market.
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